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Description: Continues to follow the adventures of Captain Mal and his crew following the end of the Firefly series.

I was fortunate enough to see a preview. While still rough in spots, it's an excellent movie. Fast. Fun.

But really, it’s a love letter. From the moment Joss addressed the fans in a little short clip at the beginning thanking the fansfor helping resurrect this creation. Until that last frame and the lights came up. There’s love in every flicker and drip and dust and fly.

It played hard ball. It ripped me up and made me want to cry. It made me smile and startle and cheer. There were in jokes and enough symbolism to make me write and write and write. Course I’d need to see it a few dozen times to do it justice.

Perhaps it’s best there are another five months before it comes up. Because seriously, I want to preach brothers and sisters. I want to convert the washed and clean sci-fi masses. I want them to fall in love with the shiny dented verse. I’m just not certain anyone who’ll read this isn’t already a member of the resurrection army.

No matter.

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