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Stardust by Neil Gaiman

Description: A young man grows up in the town of Wall on the borders of Faery. Falls in love and makes a promise to his would be love that he will go get a falling star to win her love. This is a promise that takes him into faery, the future, and consequences. Lots of consequence. In Faery, stars aren’t quite the same as lumps of rock that fall to earth.

Ah, when the world was young. Before the black clad widowhood of Queen Victoria. When apples were in cheeks and spring in steps. The pale moon had been frozen in a picture for the first time.

 Ah, childhood.

"as if pulling a child from its pyjamas, and she dropped the naked thing onto the wooden chopping block." A Witch Queen going about her business.

It's always curious to me when people talk about childhood as innocence. When really its an equal combination of wonder and terror. Innocence and blithe promises. Consequences come later.

A few week's ago, I went wine tasting. And there was this one wine that tasted like Alexander riding into Babylon as fragrant flowers fell from hanging gardens. All the world sweet possibility.

Stardust is like that.

Not at all like the wine that went with the Wasaabi. Well,'s like both.

 Wandering in the wood having been dazzled like pixies and the spice of true loves bander..

My first contact with Stardust was in the serialized graphic novels. I love the format. Huge luminous drawings with luscious seas of text. Like some fairytale book when I was a child. Except, the fairytale books I read were fat and empty of pictures. Naked of images, there were only the words.

Here be dragons.

What I find fascinating is the brush stokes of stories not told. The encounters with goblins and eagles. The wanderings. Faery as some vast world that we only just barely peak through some break in stone. Black letters on cream colored pages.

I don't really have a point. Dust. Open roofed towers that touch the sky.

You can't climb back into the sky, not even on a flying ship. Actions have consequences. Promises breed the future. Eventually we all walk forward into the future. Undiscovered countries and all that.

A story enjoyable and bittersweet, like pale gold wine on a spring day with just a touch of chill in the air.

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