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Sin City

Description: Stab me sugar. It’s the girl hunt ballet. She trembled like a doe dame with eyes up to her arm pits. It was a terrible tragedy. She could hardly walk. He blew in the door like a whirlwind of redemption. Cover your eyes. Blood white splatter. Good thing it’s a black and white world.

Msr. Frank Miller and Msr. Rodriguez must really love hardboiled detectives and the damsel dames that tremulous their landscape. Sin City is an incredibly stylized incarnation of a comic book that’s an incredibly stylized rendition of the film noire genre of film.

Broken into a series of interleaving short films featuring hardboiled detectives and killer knights gallant. The women are threatened or killed. The men wreak unholy blazing bitten bullet dialog. It’s a black and world with moments of color. Blood on a face. A touch of color in a woman’s eyes. Flashing light momentarily tingeing the world.

But mostly just black and white.

Not for the timid, this movie drips with blood and ventilated dialog. Beyond a certain point, you just want to giggle at the extreme of the genre soak. Great cast. Good times.

The Band Wagon

Description: A washed up Hollywood actor returns to his broadway roots in this stunning Vincent Minelli paen to life on the stage.

Perhaps, Sin City isn't quite your cup of tea. Perhaps, like Louisa, Louisa, you prefer beer and dancing.

In one of the greatest of the 1950's musicals stars Fred Astaire and Cyd Charisse melt in the delightful Dancing in the Dark. Like ice cream, like musing as dance.

I mention it because the conceit of the film is that the characters are putting on a broadway show. And thus sing and dance in some marvelous numbers, including the incredibly campy, Girl Hunt Ballet. A Mickey Spillane  concoction of tap dancing and mysterious dames. It doesn't take itself seriously. It doesn't have to as gangsters do flips and shoot each other while our stars dance this wonderful romantic duet in the front of the stage.

Funny. Fun. A wonderful confection from the golden age of Hollywood Musicals.

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