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The Village

Description: A fairy tale set deep in the woods.

While not a perfect movie, the still waters lie deep. Covered in yellow leaves and red berries.

It's hard to describe any of M. Night's movies without, well, giving the game away. There's that fear that the slightest mistyped word will give the end away. The twist. Fear.

Nothing to fear, but fear itself. And the things that go bump in the night.

Wonderful use of color. A quiet movie with odd echoes.


The Bourne Supremacy

Description: Taunt thinking persons spy thriller.

Bourne Supremacy and the idea of personal responsibility for actions. The villain who fails to regret and the hero who understand the necessity of giving what is owed.

While I quite enjoyed the first movie, the sequel seemed to take things up a notch. Both in action and plot twists.

In the first movie, Jason Bourne tumbles into his identity. Here, he knows what he is. And he uses his abilities like a ghost in the rain.

Although, I did like that he took damage. No automaton of other films. He twists a leg. He limps. He gets shot. He suffers. He dreams. The gates of ivory and horn twist deeper.

Definitely a set up movie. I can't wait for the next one.

Justice League - The man who has everything

Description: It's Superman's birthday and Wonder Woman and Batman show up at the Fortress of Solitude to celebrate.

Itís too bad that with the half hour format they couldnít really delve into the creepyness below the surface in the Moore original comic, but okay.

The benefits of a televised medium had its perks.

Clarkís love interest as this intriguing blend of Lana + Lois. Jor-elís voice slipping into Jonathan Kent. The implication of a rift between Jor and Kal because Kal has chosen to be a farmer. Jor-elís bitter reflections on his predictions about the end of the world. And yet from the beginning the world shakes. Fields of golden grain under a red sun. In Supermanís fantasy, the dog has accidents on the floor and the birth of his son was the happiest day of his life. That even as he destroys his own heartís desire dream, he holds his son in his arms and cries. Kal/Clark canít just wake up. He has to destroy Krypton again. Only this time, heís there to see it all.

It made think of nothing so much as Picard living a lifetime in a few minutes.

And then thereís Batman. The sheer horrific deliciousness that in Batmanís fantasy, the mugger who killed his parents speaks with his own voice. The Mask of Zorro, happy California hero in the sun, but tears for pearls are always destined to fall.

The wrongness of that black and white fantasy where Bruceís father takes the upper hand and beats and beats and beats on the mugger. The dread of the overwhelming shadow that consumes his father. Itís a little less clear than with Clark, but I think to awake Bruce had to kill his parentís over again.

I did kind of want the plant whosit to land on Wonder Woman and then promptly fall off because, ummÖsheís living her bliss. This life isnít the result of a fundamental tragedy.

Thus she gives Clark a new kind of rose. A hybrid. Something to evoke old and new.

Although, I wonder, just how much cash does a gazillionaire give the worldís most powerful man for his birthday?


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