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Description: Nerdy scientist discovers his emotional issues are just the tip of the ice berg when a lab accident helps transform him into a giant green guy. 

I loved this movie. I will not type the forbidden phrase. Instead I will stay that I’m having a very difficult time deciding if this movie or X2 was better. I adore them both for different reasons, so I guess I’ll just let it stand at that.

Some people have complained that the movie starts slow. It’s true that Lee carefully and completely builds the foundation of Bruce Banner’s life and thoughts before any hint of the Hulk is allowed on screen. I liked it because I was fascinated with the character study, but it may not be for everyone.

The acting was very nuanced for an action flick. Eric Bana shows us every moment of Bruce’s torment as he struggles to understand not only what he has become but also the explanations for his life previous to that point. Jennifer Connelly is luminous and her eyes show us that Betty’s place in the movie is to provide vision and insight. Nick Nolte is just whacked in a really scary way.

Hulk is amazing due mainly to its brilliant director, Ang Lee. Even though he tells an action-packed adventure story on one level, on another he explores the psychology of rage and how what is internal and what is external (micro and macro) are really the same. The visual metaphors between tiny lichen on a rock and the huge expanses of the open desert were very powerful. Lee smoothly moved the picture between this incredibly arty stuff and Hulk throwing tanks, then throws in split screen shots laid out like a page from the comic book. It makes all of me go “Squee!”

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