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Matrix Revolutions

Description: Everything that has a beginning has an end.

While it didnít blow me away the way Revolutions did, the more I contemplate it, the more the third and final Matrix movie grows.

 In the midst of almost constant action, there was a wonderful discourse. The battle for Zion Ė Jerusalem, the sepulcher, the temple at the heart of the world. The machine city on the worldís irritated skin. The Matrix in the green streaming lines between. The lie. The blue. The world of spirit and imagination.

 Thereís this moment when Neo and Trinity pierce the clouds to see once more the sky. Parish glowing and fair, falling back to the reality of their choices. A moment answered by an imaginary sunset that can only live in a realm of choice.

 Trinity Ė the heart made outward through expression, her willingness to choose her emotions. Believing in Neo, because she was told that she would love the One.

Neo Ė choosing Ė understanding his choices and therefore able to see beyond them in a way the Smiths of the dark side of the moon never can.

It is all about choice and tests and being willing to be a cup that carries the light that streams the world and not a sword to cleave the same.

Iíve been having this discussion with someone about the Justice League episodes this season, and given the general cultural representation of Superman as a Christ figure, we had this syllogism. Superman as Christ. Neo as Superman. The One as Christ. Ted, as a member of the musical group the Wild Stallions, whose music brings perfect peace. Christ as the prince of peace. i.e. Never watch the Matrix and Bill and Tedís Excellent adventure on the same day.



Bill and Tedís Excellent Adventure

Description: The fate of the world depends on two slackers in 80ís San Dimas passing a history exam.

Years later, Bill and Ted is still a wonderful light hearted romp through San Dimas. Bill and Ted get to be stupid and incredibly sweet, rather than dumb and dumber.

I still enjoy watching Beethoven go to town on a set of keyboards or Napoleon at his better Waterloo. That moment when Bill and Ted relate to Socrates through the agency of a Kansas song.

You get the chortling feeling that yeah, their music might align the planets.


Love Actually

Description: A Christmas Card whose weft and theme is love.

It was like they melded together a dozen dozen expressions of love into this mass of emotion. Some bitter and sweet and loss and found. All the aspects of love.

Love hurts. Love heals. It the dregs at the bottom of the cup and it is the sweet after taste on the lips. A stumbling love of a parent for a child. Blood relationship being irrelevant. The bonds created by emotion being the real. First love. Last love. Yearning love for what you cannot have. Stumbling incomprehension of this love whose language isnít only other gender, but other language. Desire. Longing. Despair. Friendship acknowledged. Forgotten.

And the poster does not do justice to the number of cute guys in this movie.

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