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Not Wine - Restaurant

La Scene

After the opera on my birthday, Crystal and I went to dinner at La Scene. The atmosphere was quiet elegance linen tablecloths, crystal glasses, and wonderful line drawings of actors on the walls to commemorate their location in the heart of the theater district. We were anticipating a fabulous meal and were not disappointed. We began with a bottle of Ferrari-Carano Chardonnay 2000 warm yet crisp, with tastes of green apples, caramel, and a touch of smoke. We snacked on crusty French bread and creamy butter, then indulged in an appetizer of escargot swimming in butter with garlic, basil, and chives. Next came our salads. We had heritage tomato slices (red and yellow) topped with spiky lettuce, baked goat cheese and olive oil absolutely incredible. For the main course, I had grilled scallops topped with a bright green sauce (olive oil infused with basil and something?) and served with mashed potatoes on a bed of large sliced mushrooms and thin green beans. Crystal had a duck leg topped with a honey glaze and served with green beans and potato slices. Feeling satisfied, but not full, we ordered dessert. Crème brulee (light and delicious) for me and profiteroles with dutch coffee ice cream and fudge sauce for Crystal. There was also a prix fixe menu that was tempting, but we wanted a little more choice. The total was around $100, but totally worth it. 
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