The Transporter

Description: Action-adventure flick – Guy who transports anything, anywhere, on time, no questions asked, breaks his own rules - “never open the package” - and gets caught up with a cute girl, mobsters, international smuggling, and a very nice police man.

Well, the brief description is really all there is to this movie. The very thin plot was really just a framework to plan fight scenes and stunts around. I got the distinct impression as I was watching the film that the few scenes of dialogue were probably filmed twice – once in English and once in French, because there really wasn’t that much dialogue and the little bits in Chinese would be subtitled either way. The opening car chase was lots of fun – little cars on twisty European streets are always enjoyable. My favorite fight scene had to be the one where our hero slips out of his shirt during the fight, uses it to tie up two of the bad guys, then spends the next 15 minutes in various other fights (and most of that oiled up) topless. It was a great excuse to have our very buff main character half-naked for a large chunk of time. Personally I appreciated the effort. Our hero eventually ends up in jail but talks his friend the police inspector into helping him escape so he can stop the bad guys – because of course the police couldn’t possibly get there in time due to red tape wrapped around their ankles like hobbles on a horse. The hero gets to kick yet more ass, play with semi trucks, and save a bunch of helpless people. I’m pretty sure he also gets the girl after all this since he got her once before in the movie. If you care nothing for plot, but want to see some nice chases, fights, and explosions, this is the movie for you.

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