So, Why aren't you watching Firefly?

    Okay, so youíve wandered onto this website or youíre a friend and youíve wandered onto this this my rant, my ramble.

    Every season, a lot of new shows start up. There's a serious family drama. A cop show. Some reality crud. Okay a lot of crud. For this crop, I just want to say, if youíre not watching Firefly, don't wait, watch. Itís a good show in a terrible time slot. 

    Science Fiction that really is on the Final Frontier. Their ship is small and dirty and lived in.These people arenít representatives of some clean powerful government. They are the side that lost. The war of Unification, their families, themselves. The ship, the Serenity, named after a state of mind and a lost battle in the late war. The Alliance/Federation as not so nice.  

    The producers mix science fiction and American Western elements to create this sense of gritty worlds and people who live on the edge. Where you can't just run to the corner store to get that multi-phasic whosit. The corner store is a few stars to the right. A bit farther away than morning. 

    In a very nice touch, everyone swears in Chinese, because English and Chinese (Mandarin) are the meld of cultures that went into space.

    It's a future where people donít necessarily get along. Thereís tension and adventure and gunplay. What Voyager should have been. Babylon 5 with a much shorter arc span. Cramped like Alien. Pumped like Aliens. Enterprise, only you know, they're criminals, so kind of the A team, only you know, well written. Kind of like nothing else. Unique. New. Fresh.

    Like Buffy and Angel before it, itís the kind of show that takes a few episodes  to build. In this case, a very little while. 

    In the last episode, Ariel, the show escalated from good, to incredibly good. I was actually worried for the characters, because Joss Whedon, the show's creator, does kill characters. Being in the credits doesnít mean they are safe. Death walks the narrow halls. Creepy villains with blue gloves. No way to describe the creep factor. Trust me, I've watched Hellraiser, some seriously dangerous villains. There was also a very nicely thought out caper. A really realistic fight scene. No kicks, just struggling for your life. Talk about tense. And the end of the episode, oh my God! From he's gunna die to, that was the sweetest thing ever.

    But you wonít know any of that if youíre not watching. Friday, 8:00, Fox. You know how to use Tivo or your VCR. You don't have to stay home. Go to the 10:00 showing of that movie. Clubs don't get hopping  'till 11:00 anyway.

    The show's pilot will be shown on December 20th. Do I have to say it again, watch it. 

    And if you are watching and not a Nielson, like most of us arenít, have you written Fox yet to, gall darn it, say I exist. I watch. Heck just send a postcard with your demographics.  Go here for more info.

    I suppose this is a save my show rant. But really, itís a watch some good science fiction rant. Seriously, the world doesnít need another cop, doctor, reality show. It needs drama. It needs good writing, with clever symbolism. It needs men in tight leather pants. 

    Try it. You'll like it. Promise.

Hey, don't just believe me. 
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