Annaís Noire Buffy

Okay, so itís not actually a book. It never will be a book. It possibly has enough material to fill a book of short stories.

So, I have some blogs that I read. No one I know. Mostly I look for analysis, criticism, thought on fiction and the occasional fanfic.

At some point in all that meandering, Anna started her Noire Buffy fic in her Dream blog.

She started in the middle. This wonderful noireish image of Sunnydale cast in eternal black and white celluloid darkness. The Scoobies as Resistance fighters against this Nzai-esk Demon invasion.

Then she paused, because all this was set two season in the future. So, she wrote the bridging season. Filled in a universe of back story and angst. Now at last the stories begin to bridge together.

Itís delicious and vivid. The characters arenít so much true to the series as they are true to the selves that they would be if in a film noire movie. Everyone is slightly; well, darker is not quite right, grainier. They swear. They drink. Spike is an evil son of a bitch (did I mention the swearing), but never the less still a fool for love. Willow is drunk on magic. Power. Tara has no idea how to un-co-depend. Xander, my God Xander. I just finished the Winter Soldier, the latest in the series and he takes this wonderful downward plunge. It makes sense. Itís in character. It is the manifestation of all his demon issues. It is a winter of the soul, not because itís the wrong thing to do, but because it so clearly illustrates that if we seek to fight monster, we must take care not to become the monster. Quazi Nitche for quazi WWII.

In keeping with her blog, Anna writes with this wonderful dreamlike snse. The moon in her universe seems so luminous. The road bends and curves so intriguingly as we drive through the night. The wind blowing softly. Emotions lie close to the surface. The skin is thin. All the better to feel.

Take a look if you want to meander by pale moonlight.

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