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Vladamirís in Inverness by Point Reyes

Sometimes a restaurant is more than excellent food, which Vladamirís has. Sometimes itís more than atmosphere (dark wood beamed, tiny tables, a little fire place, walls covered in Czech images and equestrian photos). Its more than any one element. It is the experience of thing.

My George and Patricia have been talking about Vladamirís for only about as long as Iíve known them. I can see why.

Vladamirís is a little restaurant in a tiny town in West Marin. It was a dark and rainy night when we went. We sped down little tree lined roads. Past redwoods. Rolling hills. Low clouds. Inlets from the sea. And then we came to it. A bit of Czech.

Vladamir, the owner, does everything himself. Back in the when, he was an Olympic equestrian rider before it became the former Soviet Czechoslovakia. As the Communists rolled in, he skied out. When we went, he was wearing a shirt with a little skier symbol on it. And I must say, Vladamir is a character in every sense of the word. Riding boots. Quirky manners. He pulled out a bull whip to entertain a girl at another table, which he snapped and cracked in the tight confines of the restaurant. She wasnít the only one who thought it was cool. If you order a drink, he gives you a bottle and just charges for how much you drink. And donít expect the bill to be itemized. Youíll be lucky to get a piece of paper.

Then thereís the food. It was all delicious. Itís a $21 set price for any dinner plate on the menu. I donít know how he affords it. You get a lot of food. And all perfectly balanced and spiced.

We had:
Hot vegetable soup with a cabbage base.

Salad with a mild blue cheese(ish) dressing

Dumplings with Sweet Cabbage as a side for all.

Then main courses. 
Karen and Patricia had rabbit in a sour cream and mushroom sauce

George had goose in a plum sauce.

I had duck in a plum sauce
Beverages were a Jacobstown Shiraz Cabernet and some after dinner liqueur of some sort. Itís Czech. It tasted like apple cinnamon strudel. It was fairly alcoholic.

It seems only fitting that when we strolled out two hours later, the sky had cleared and was full of brilliant stars.

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