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Description: Velvet. Silk. Leather. See through shirts. Beautiful swaying hips. Charisma. Action. Brooding looks. Camp fun. A driving Nine Inch Nailsish soundtrack. Vampires as they should be. You know. You die. You come back as someone with incredible fashion sense.

Okay, so itís not entirely true to the book in factoids. Events are squished and warped and whole characters fade into ciphers. Whatever.

It has the feel. Homoerotic. Heteroerotic. Beautiful girls and boys in beautiful clothes killing, fighting, and loving.

Stuart Townsend is a perfect Lestat. Sometimes he broods over the whole vampire thing. Mostly he just enjoys it. Becomes a rock god, so he wonít be alone and, well, because heís a total narcissist, but we all have our faults. And he is so pretty. 

There are funny moments when Lestat sits with the hilarious Vincent Perez, also large with the charm, as Marius in front of a giant billboard of well, Lestat. Or rather in front of Lestatís crotch. Odd moments when they loose you with weird camera tricks. Swirling action scenes, which for once take advantage of the three dimensional characteristics of a flying fight scene. Or the best bits when Lestat sucks you in with serious wattage charisma.

And oddly enough, I was entranced by their skin. It looked like parchment. It was an incredibly, well, ďneatĒ effect. The movie had texture. All the textured fabric and roses and blood. The music wasnít bad either. 

Aaliyah was also pretty cool as the Queen. I didnít hips could move that way. She was as she should be. A great cat. Totally satisfied with her self. Knowing everything belongs to her. I wasnít quite Brandon Lee Crow level sad watching her in the movie, but still, a sad loss.

And for a fluff film, some interesting moments when the vampires move super fast and then y talk about the tides of humanity washing past them. Moments when the film makers show the vampires standing still as statues, surrounded by writhing thriving humanity. Makes you wonder about just how would such creatures perceive time. 

Warning: You may end up leaving the theatre humming the Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson, as I did. However, it is a fun romp. 

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