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 Memory by Lois McMaster Bujold
Description: Miles Vorkosigan discovers that there are some obstacles he can’t flim or flam his way around. That choices always have consequences. ie Miles hits 30. 30 hits back.

So, I love the Vorkosigan series. The adventure. The excitement. And lets face it, I have an enormous crush on Miles. Hyperactive little git.

So, this is not an easy book to read. Miles makes some utterly boneheaded decisions. You, the reader, sit there and yell at him, “No, don’t do it.” And yet the choices come out of all the previous books. Out of who Miles is and all that he has done. There are inevitable.

And this is a book that had to happen. Miles needed this book. As much as I enjoyed Miles’ earlier adventures in intergalactic adventure. Each book in which he defeats the odds through sheer force of will, this was the book in the series that had to happen. As Lois herself describes it, the book that like a Zen archer she aimed at all without knowing. He couldn’t have continued as he was. 

He has to fall, so he can pull himself together again as an adult.

I can’t really recommend this as a starter book. Read Warrior’s Apprentice to start. Read this book when you’re sunk into the series, when you need something different. Everyone needs a little elephant in their lives.

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