Description: Spiderman, Spiderman, can do whatever a spider can. Yeah, yeah, itís a Spiderman of swinging, flipping coolness.

Itís nice when movie makers get things right. Spiderman was en excellent example of how a comic should be translated into live action.

Tobey Maguire was great as Peter Parker transformed from geeky gawk into a Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman. I very much enjoyed that he didnít just know how to use his powers. There was a learning curve. And okay, he liked his powers. No super moping, oh, whoa is me, Iíve got super powers. Much better to see a super teen yelling ďyeha,Ē as he swings with his super powers.

Kirsten Dunst was fresh and perky and fun as M.J. She glowed quite nicely. And that upside down kiss with Spidey. Heeeelllooo.

And okay, they didnít cast J. Jonah Jamison, they just sucked him right out of the comic. But thatís in keeping with the style of the movie. Every now and then characters would strike a pose and thereíd be a bit of action and it would feel just like something out of the comic strip. Thereís Spidey hanging upside down. Thereís J.J. pounding his desk. Thereís the Green Goblin zipping about.

Getting to which. Fun action sequences. Swinging between buildings. Gliding. Fists flying. Weird pumpkin bombs. William Dafoe is a fun, nicely schizo, Green Goblin. Proving once again why scientists who are about to loose their funding should never test their highly experimental green glowing super stuff on themselves. Yup. It always ends in sadness tears and strange super powers. And possibly split personalities.

Oh, and thereís the other character in the movie. New York. Not sad post 911. But pre-glitter either. Somewhere in between. And itís only fair. This isnít Metropolis or Gotham or some other wanna be slice of New York. This is just (if one can use the word just) New York. 

Great movie. Iím gladding it broke records. Itís an action movie with heart, which isnít always easy to pull off. Hats off to Sam Raimi.

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