The Bourne Identity 

Description: Super spy/assassin gets shot, loses his memory, and is hunted down by his own people. Slick and fast paced with a cool car chase and lots of butt kicking.

I took very little notice of Matt Damon before this film. He was just kinda there for me - not great, not horrible - but this film made me sit up and say "Hello!" And he's the perfect kind of Hello! for a spy - attractive, but not gorgeous, average height, average hair color, (deceptively) average build. The kind of spy who gets his job done by disappearing into the crowd. 

This is how real spies should look. They should blend. A friend of mine was once offered a job by the CIA because he was an Omni - someone who could easily pass as any of a number of nationalities that the CIA would find very useful. He turned them down, having no desire to spend his life killing people like the poor schmuck in this movie.

As Bourne pieces together clues and builds a picture of the life he can't remember, he realizes that he doesn't want to go back - doesn't want to be that schmuck any more. His boss has a different retirement plan in mind, namely a bullet with his name on it. It's a great ride to find out who's going to figure out what's going on and what to do about it first. 

I'd recommend this movie if you're in the mood for action. I loved the car chase in Paris and thought the fight scenes were well done. This is my kind of spy movie. 

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