July 2002
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Eye of the Beholder by Julie E. Czerneda
Description: Karen wrote a wonderful review of a really good book and I accidentally SaveAs-ed over it. The lesson that we can learn is that a template file is a very, very good thing.

Anyway, it went something like this, although not really. I only read it once. As Ra said to Thoth in the Socratic dialogs, writing/reading destroys memory. And as Thoth should have replied, but it sure is fun.

Description: again...Esen is a young shape shifter / anthropologist, who does the unthinkable, she gets involved in a local conflict first contact situation and reveals her race's existence.

Okay, I see why Karen really liked this book. I just started it. And as she said in the review that no one will now ever, ever read, ( I feel so tragic. Darn it, I have two copies of the movie review.) the author does an incredible job of creating a character that maintains a core identity and yet, slightly shifts with each new shape. Bending to the whims of that bodies hormones and drives.  And yet at her core, is always Esen.

She said a lot of other cool things too. The story is fast paced. Lots of adventure. And there is a very nice twist at  the end. The author sets you up and yet and you don't expect it. 

Well, I do because I asked Karen what the cool twist was. I often read the ends of books first. It releases tension so I can enjoy the book instead of rip roaring - it's 4:00 am and I have to go to work - through it. And this is that kind of book.

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