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Bal de Vampyre

We went. We look good. We danced. It was good.

Oh, I should probably say something profound here. Or funny. Or profoundly funny. Or, I don’t know…once again we dressed in a set theme.

Mary Pop Tart and her two girls – Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks. I wore a flail in my hair, pinned just so. I don’t worry about the big bad wolf. Karen is still looking for a place to rest her weary head.

What can I say, I had many compliments on my costume, which is always nice in a room full of women in tight corseted outfits. Gina was of course magnificent. Karen was very cute in her very short skirt.

We danced.

Oh, I know there was skit. It was very cool. It was Black Adder (Victorian period) Buffy the Vampire Slayer cross over. It was a little long, but very funny. Worth it just for the speech about how the Watcher’s Council are the Biggest Wankers in the Kingdom of Wankerdom. Also, some nicely choreographed fights.

Garbage/No Doubt concert


This is the noise that keeps me awake. 
My head explodes and my body aches

God I love Garbage with the capital G. I went to a concert and I knew all the words. Sang along, felt that twinge in my throat from where I blew my voice out at a Metallica concert. But I don’t know all of Metallica’s songs. I don’t own all the albums. There isn’t a single Garbage song that I have listened to.

Only three albums will do that.

The words whirled. The crowd jumped and writhed. It was great.

Oh, I suppose details beyond the flavor of the burn are necessary. Karen and I drove to down to see the Distillers, Garbage and No Doubt at the San Jose Arena.

We were early. We were excited. We ate nachos. Life’s like that.

The Distillers were pretty good, the crowd was thin yet. Then Garbage came out. I had no idea the lead singer was so pretty. I loved her pink stripped poof of a skirt. A black bow just so.

There are some songs that I wish they had played. Perhaps all the songs on all three albums in random order. That would have worked.

After Garbage, No Doubt. Also very jumpsome. They worked the crowd wonderfully well. Urging us to yell and jump in left side, right side competition. Knowing that this was a high note not to be topped, and Karen did need to be at the Airport at 4:30, we left a bit early. 

High on music and ready for a celebratory ice cream cone.

Cirque du Soleil


Varekai means "wherever" in Romany. I know that because I went to the cirque website, otherwise, I never would have guessed.

Apparently, the show is in honor of wanderers. Whatever. 

Soleil thy name is sensual. Once again, the subtleties of the body. Of bend and sway and men in corsets. There was some sort of plot. But mostly it was people swooping in off the ceiling. Swaying on lines. Did I mention the men in corsets. They looked like friezes on some ancient wall. Sensual in a completely masculine way. Harsh angles of legs and arms. Or the fire. People on these giant swings, flying through the air. Or the ocean scene. With rippling water people. Okay, it actually doesn’t make much sense to describe. Plot. Shmot. It was pretty. I liked it.

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