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Running Away from Home

Previously on Running Away.

Part II

Iím sloth disadvantaged. I try. Really I do. Iím just not good at it. 

Which is why sometimes, I need to run away from home.

It had been a hard couple of weeks. Big project. Lots to do. 12 to 13 hour days. 7ish to 8ish. No lunch. Work. Work. Work. Then come home. Do chores. Get no exercise. Try to advance projects.

Crystal was becoming a very brain dead girl. So, Karen and I decided to run away from home, again. 

This time we headed North, up to Lake country for some wine tasting.

Well, not much in the way of wine tasting. More on that later.

So, we packed up the car, well Karen packed, I stared blankly at space and thought big, deep, empty thoughts. Then we headed out.

On our way up through Napa, we hit a couple of champagne wineries. The day was beautiful, sunny, warm. The hills were green and vineyards full of mustard flowers. I love this time of year.

We headed up past Napa, over the hill, drove past the first winery in Lake County and stopped at the second, Le Ployez. The whites were okay. The reds pretty good. Karen and I were fairly content with the amount of wine drunk that day. Three wineries isnít bad. However, we wanted to hit one more. It was only 3:00. So, we drove up the hwy to where the little Lake County map depicted a wine tasting center at the Visitorís Center. It was closed. HmmmÖ.

We backtracked to a little town that was supposed to have a winery. Drove down the main street. Nothing. Drove back through the main street. Nothing. Drove down another street. Nothing.

Gave up and got a camp site at the State park by the lake. Bought some wood. Went in search of food. On our, fourth?,. pass down town, we spotted the wine tasting room (too late, buckoís), but no grocery store. We headed back to the town with the visitorís center. Huzah, a big grocery store, where we bought steak and veggies and peeps (for roasting over the fire. After all they are marshmallows, sorta) and lovely sin butter. Itís not actually called that. Itís an olive oil garlic spread. It just tastes as good as sin. Thus, while less fattening, you eat more of it, so its not really a win on the calory side.

We headed back to the campsite. Here we made a momentus discovery. When we packed the tent up last time, we didnít put the tent polls in the bag. So, basically, we had a big tent sized bag. 

Not a problem. We had trees on our site. We striped a tote bag of its string, Karen donated her shoe laces, I climbed the tree, strung up some of the tent hooks, and soon we had a very pathetic looking tent to sleep in.

Then I started the fire. And started the fire. And nursed the fire. I think the wood was a little damp. Course, it could just be that I like playing with fire. Anyway, we cooked our food. Which was yum.

Then we roasted the peeps, which were excellent. The outside caramelized in seconds, leaving a hot (burned my finger, I did) gooy center. Quite satisfying.

In the morning, after lounging until late reading Harlequin romances, we unstrung the tent and headed around Clearlake, which was quite pretty.

On our way out, we wine tasted at Guenoc, which was once owned by Lilly Langtry. Again, the reds were quite good. We then headed back down the far side of Napa, stopping to picnic at Niebaum-Coppola. We didnít actually taste there, but the grounds were quite nice. From their we headed off for more Champagne tasting at ? The grounds were covered in interesting stone, metal sculptures. The champagne wasnít bad either.

Then we rolled on home. After all, I had to be at work by 7ish the next morning.

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