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Poe Mode 

It was a Black(clad) Celebration as thousands gathered to listen to Poe and Depeche Mode at the Shoreline Amphitheater.
Kevin, Emily, Gina and myself sat on lawn seats, ate and played a brief card game of Gother Than Thou while waiting for the opening act Poe to come on.

There was a fair size crowd by that point. However, the lead singer bravely went out into the crowd and wandered around during one of the band's songs. It was very cool. Got the crowds energy very hyped. And ok, I was impressed that she could still sing after that kind of hike up and out into the lawn seating.

And then the main attraction. Depeche Mode. They were very, and I mean this, very cool. And the crowd was cool too. We were a nice mix of all ages. We knew the words. At one point in mid song, the lead singer just stopped singing and there we were, on key, in pitch, word perfect, as one voice, singing. And really that's the best kind of experience. When the crowd and the band are of one seething group mind, channeling energy into energy. To see thousands of people, raising their arms up in one motion as the band sang, "Reach out…" Knowing that I was plugged into it too…

They sang old songs, new songs, semi-old, semi new songs. Well, they've been around awhile. Obviously, they couldn't play all of their hits, there are too many. But I went away satisfied.

Alameda Art and Wine Festival
Ah, summer when the small towns pull out the wine and art festivals. 
Every year in August, Alameda closes down Park street and holds a little festival of arts, crafts and wine.

Since this was in walking distance of my house, I strolled down to have a look. It was your basic collection of craft booths (some quite familiar from the Novato Art and Wine festival. Go figure.) However, once again gotta love the Bay Area. Calimari, wraps, and kettle corn (popcorn popped in giant kettle) as fair food. Yumm.

I didn't end up buying anything, but quite nice to just wander around and look at the crowds.

Oh, and I visited the Alameda power booth. Alameda has municipal power. 80% from renewable resources. No black outs. Fiber optic connections. And they are rolling out a local version of cable soon. They had a great booth, with an extremely cute as a button (and about as big) electric car.

I love the place where I live.

New Wave City

You know sometimes, the stars align. You go to a dance and everything is just perfect. Everyone is in a good mood. Everyone just wants to dance. The DJs are spinning exactly the songs that you want to hear. 

This month's theme was Heaven and Hell. Almost everyone dressed for hell. Lots and lots of black.

The venue was at the South San Francisco site. Really it is their best location. There were three dance floors, which was nice. When one you lost interest in one room, you just wandered into another room to dance some more. Two 80’s rooms and a room of Goth music. Karen and I danced to Souxie and the Banchee’s. We danced to techno. We danced with dry ice fog rolling across the floor. We danced for about three hours.

The night was young. The music was hot. We danced until our legs turned to goo. And then as if we were wearing the Red shoes, we danced some more.

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