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The Mummy Returns

Description: Action, Adventure. Rick and Evie O'Connell with their 8 year old son, brother Jack and ally Oded Fehr in tow, once again cross paths with the Mummy Imhotep and face up to a new enemy the Scorpion King in 1930's Egypt and England.

This a great build out on the previous movie. Often you go to see and a sequel and end up wondering why it exists. This movie built and expanded on the previous movie in a pleasing way. Concepts touched upon briefly were expanded and a few new threads were exposed for possible exploration in future movies.

The movie itself is a fun romp in the sand. Great Atmosphere. Lots of action. Adventure. Great special effects. Brendan Fraiser and Ardeth Bey aren't hard on the eyes either.

Rick and Evie are the rarest of adventure movie couples, married and in love. They have this great Thin Man-esque kind of banter going down. Very 30s and in a modern world increasingly focused on young singletons obsessing on sex, refreshingly sweet.

Their son, Alex, is well a kid. He acts like a kid not a cloying Hollywood clone child.

If you are looking to relax into a fun adventure movie, then give the Mummy Returns a try.


Pearl Harbor

Description: Love, death, and patriotism before, during, and after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Two pilots grow up in the mid-west, join the Army Air Corps, and fall for the same woman.

Despite my military brat upbringing, I knew only slightly more than most people before I saw the movie. I know that the Coast Guard responded to the attack just like the rest of the military forces stationed on Oahu that day. I've been to the Arizona Memorial and my dad is currently stationed in Honolulu. (He and my mom went to the premier aboard the USS Stennis in Pearl Harbor itself. After seeing the movie, I think that would have freaked me out, but they had a great time.)

All that aside, I really enjoyed the movie. The director uses a light touch to show us the emotions of the people who were there that fateful day. This light touch makes the movie effective without being gut wrenching or overly sappy. The battle scenes are horrible, but broken up with shots of people hurrying to help or fighting back so that you see the attack from all points of view. Other people stand up to do their duty (flying dangerous missions, making tough choices, waiting for news, etc.) without long torturous speeches about America, land of the free, home of the brave, Mom, and apple pie.

The love story is nicely played out by the three main characters. Although, the woman should thank her lucky stars that she is so blessed at a time when other people are losing everything. Everyone is good looking and you feel that they do the same things you would have done in their places.

I don't think there's anything about the plot I need to tell you that you don't get from the previews. For what I can tell, poking about on some history sites and the encyclopaedia, it's fairly accurate. But more importantly, it's an accurate picture of how people felt at the time. Just go see it, give thanks for the men and women who died for us, pray you never have to do the same, and feel good about America and Americans for a change.


Description: Animated tale of a misanthropic Ogre Shrek seeks to clear out Faery Tale characters deported to his swamp by the nasty (and short) Lord Farquaad by going on a quest to deliver an imprisoned and ensorcelled princess to the Lord.

Okay, so it makes more sense if you go see the movie. 

This movie is hilarious. Largely because generations of Disney movies exist to be mocked by Shrek. Well, actually it mocks everything: myths, legends, faery tales, modern dancing, Princess Bride, Charlie's Angels the Movie, Robin Hood, and well more references than you can shake a stick at.

Everyone does a great job with the voices. Mike Meyers doing a Scottish twist on Shrek's, Eddie Murphy as a talking Donkey, Cameron Diaz as Princess Fiona, John Lithgow as the midget Lord Farqaad to name a few are equally incredible. 

The modern songs are catchy and well chosen. The visuals are bright and beautiful and really really twisted. 

This is a cartoon that adults as well as children. Although, really, not a movie for little kids. Exploding Blue Bird of Happiness. Enough said.

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