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Archangel by Sharon Shinn

Description: Surreal Sci-fi. In the far future world of Samaria, the new Archangel Gabriel seeks to find and keep his angelica, Rachel, so they can lead members all theplanet's races at the yearly Gloria. If they don't, Jehovah will destroy theworld. 

A two sentence description doesn't do justice to the complex world building in this story. But there is a secret at the heart of the tale that I'mreally avoiding giving away. But for those don't mind spoilers, this is ascience fiction novel, not fantasy.

The world of Samaria is complex and real. What if Angels were physical beings that interceded with Jehovah for manna, medicine, and good weatherthat falls from the sky. What if peace was not enforced by civilization, butby the sure and certain knowledge that your god not only listens, but willsmite you if you don't all get along. What if god tended to play geneticmatch maker. 

The characters are equally fascinating. Gabriel is vibrant and alive. A little arrogant, but entirely driven by love of his fellow living beings. Rachelis a bit of prickly pear, more useful than a wild rose.

Their romance is believable and well done. The central adventure of the story is compelling. There is a central conceit that plays out over thecourse of the story which makes the villain, well, a perfect Lucifer inevery way.

A truly engrossing book.

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