4th of July Parade in Alameda

When I was a little girl, I went to see a parade in Herrich, South Dakota where my mother grew up. It's a small town (pop 100+). The floats were trucks. The length of the parade was the single main street. My grandpa was in one of the trucks. He threw candy.

I thought of that when I went to see the Alameda 4th of July Parade. Okay, so Alameda is a "much" larger town. But it had that same feel.

No real floats, just trucks and cars and people who live in our town. 

The parade route was a block from our house. We went. Brought our chairs, some soda, Brie and watched America walk and march and drive by. People threw candy. A bank was giving away little American flags. I got one. 

And really, that's what a 4th of July parade should be like. Local people getting together and celebrating.

Sade at Concord Pavillion

Anyone that knows me will know that Sade isn't really my cup of tea music wise. You're much more likely to see me at a Metallica concert. However, my mother had an extra ticket and it seemed like a good opportunity to do some mother/daughter bonding.

Mom and I met out front of the Concord pavilion and staked out a spot on the lawn, about half way up.

The opening act was good and mellow. The crowd's mood was very Summer time relaxed.

After the intermission, Sade came on. She was wearing a bright yellow mandarin style dress and no shoes. It was very easy to get into the mood of the event as she sang jazzy tunes, the sun set, and people danced.

The best bit was when she sang Smooth Operator, which has the benefit of being a song that I recognized. It was full dark and there was a giant disco ball over the crowd. The stage lights reflected off the ball and spun a sea of disco light stars over the audience as she sang.

This was about 10 minutes from the end of the performance and mom and I made our escape before the crowds hit the parking lot. Good call since I had trouble figuring out just how to find the exit and well, I did have to go to work in the morning.

I had an excellent time and I got some quality chatting in with mom.

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